Jeff G., Fishtown

“Where do I start with this. Eric was absolutely fantastic, start to finish. It wasn’t always the smoothest road, especially the last month or two, but Eric and his team shielded me from all of the “noise” that was happening behind the scenes....

Meredith, Fitler’s Walk

“Eric was an absolute pleasure to work with! From start to finish he made the process of selling my home easy. He gave me all necessary information to make everything run very smooth. Would use him again in a heartbeat!”

Cori S., Graduate Hospital

“Very satisfied! The process took longer than we expected or hoped, but Eric’s patience really paid off. He was very knowledgeable, and his team was very professional.”

Doug B., Fairmount

“Simply put, there is not a better agent than Eric – he is friendly, always available, and extremely knowledgeable. We have now worked with him multiple times. He answered all of our questions at all times and provided valuable guidance – from...

Jillian Bradford, Bella Vista

“Eric is a dream. I always loved going to see houses with him because Eric notices things that a normal person just wouldn’t pick up on, he’s like a realtor/inspector. He’s honest and will tell you if something is not worth the investment but...