“I am SO fortunate to have met Eric Fox and to have him as my realtor.  He is incredibly knowledgeable about the housing market, about the value and condition of the actual buildings and neighborhoods in the city. It was so important for him to really find out what I wanted in a home and he was instrumental in helping me find it. He is so patient and kind and extremely generous about his time and expertise. He really wanted to be sure he helped me find MY HOME. He really went MANY extra miles for me because I was so indecisive, scared really, about making my first home purchase. I think the thing that REALLY puts Eric head and shoulders above ANY realtor I have ever met is his heartfelt desire to make sure that I bought THE right HOME for me… NOT that I quickly chose a house so he could close the deal. Everyone should be as lucky as me in having Eric as my realtor!  I tell ANY and ALL of my friends who are considering purchasing a home to call Eric…. He made my experience really pleasant despite my fears about making such a big decision. The one word to sum up my experience with Eric – fantastic!!”