Empowering my clients in a competitive real estate market.

Introducing my exclusive home buying system. Technology that can help you get a jump on listings, arrange showings, connect with financing and manage paperwork – all to help you act faster in a competitive market. The best listings move quickly. When you find your perfect dream home, you need to be able to act fast – or risk losing it before you even had a chance to look at it. Get a head’s up on your dream home, and let me guide you through the process.


Since mortgage rates are still at all-time lows, the housing market continues to be reasonably strong (even with the current economic crisis). This means that the process can still become very competitive. I assist my clients become prepared buyers! Having a mortgage pre-approval puts you in a much stronger bargaining position. It proves to the prospective seller that you are stepping into negotiations with almost guaranteed funds. But even more important than impressing sellers, getting pre-approved by a reputable mortgage company will ensure that you are aware of not only how much you can afford, but how much you are comfortable with paying. It’s important to know how lenders determine what kind of mortgage payment a family can afford. Keep these basic rules in mind:

  • 28% of gross monthly income for principal & interest
  • 36% of gross monthly income for total mortgage payment

Nowadays as long as you have very good credit and can document your income, a reputable mortgage company should be able to take you through the process hitch less.

Consider Obtaining a Mortgage Commitment too…


With our affiliation with The Trident Group, my brokerage helps streamline the home buying process. When you are prequalified for financing, you’ll know how much you can afford – and you’ll increase the likelihood that your deal will go through without a hitch. My home buying system seamlessly integrates a full range of services from our affiliate network including loan prequalification, competitive mortgage rates & terms, Title Insurance and Homeowner’s Insurance.


Using the latest technology, I will start a specific home search to find the right home for you taking into account neighborhood, price range, the number of bedrooms, baths and specific features. This will result in you spending less time searching online and also help me and the team locate your dream home by searching through “Coming Soon” listings that are not available on most real estate sites. You will receive daily updates on every property that matches your specific criteria and direct emails about any of the “Coming Soon” listings.


When you find a home that meets your criteria, you want to see it as soon as possible. The Showtime App we use, will allow us to efficiently coordinate showings, automating the process of requesting, scheduling and confirming with the listing agents. With Showingtime, you can see a home that interests you while other buyers are still waiting for a call back or for next weekend’s public open houses.


Through my extensive comparable market research and general market/ timing research I will assist you with the determination an offer price to ensure that you are in line with the market and ultimately not paying too much. I will walk you through the full sales agreement and guide you through every aspect of the transaction. I will help make sure that all clauses and deadlines of the agreement are followed. It is my goal to have the transaction flow smoothly, including all steps from:

  • Deposits
  • Home Inspections
  • Contingencies & Repairs
  • Zoning
  • Title Report & Search
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Final Walk-Through
  • And, ultimately, a Smooth Settlement!


Sure buying a house can be extremely stressful. Unfortunately, there are several things that can go wrong during the course of any transaction. But rest assure with my experience you have nothing to worry about.  Soon enough settlement will be here and you’ll be able to tell your friends with confidence that you have purchased your home at a fair price. There’s no better feeling!